Raymond Rahme

Raymond Rahme was born in 1945 and is a South African professional poker player. He shot to fame after becoming the first African to come to a World Series of Poker final table and he eventually went on to finishing third with a total of 3 million dollars. He managed to get a seat at the world Series of Poker tournament 2007 after managing to place fourth at the All Africa Poker Championship which is one of the largest Poker Championships played on the African Continent.

Raymond Rahme does not have any formal education as he dropped out of school at a very early age of 15. However he defends himself and says that he has been able to become street smart all over these years even if he was deprived a formal education. He made both ends meet by playing at illegal gambling dens and eventually managed to buy an automobile for him as well. He went on to make a great living for himself as an adult by starting up a number of businesses on construction, car dealership, restaurants, nightclubs and various others. Raymond Rahme is happily married with six children and he is an active player of online poker where he plays as a member of Poker Stars. However he does not really enjoy his online poker game as he feels it is more of an impersonal venture where one does not have control over their opponents. He goes on to say that his online poker games are more of a duty than of a passion as he has to fulfill his terms and conditions of the contract which state that he needs to play poker for at least 60 hours a month.

Raymond Rahme initially never had any interest of making poker as his career. He was happy with his line of business and preferred keeping poker only as a hobby. It was only after he had placed third in the World Series of Poker tournament that he decided to make his hobby a long term career. His wife and kids have been supportive of his decision and he is happy with the support.

Raymond Rahme has a total earnings of around 3.3 million dollars out of which 3 million dollars are from his cash wins which he won trough various World Series of Poker tournaments. He has also played at the European tour. Although he has never won any title there so far he has managed to make a considerable amount of cash in through the tournament.

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